AM Hot Rod Glass Release Acrylic Windshield Cleaning Video

Less than three minutes long, a new video from AM Hot Rod Glass, a division of Aero-Marine—a premiere manufacturer of acrylic windscreens for high-performance powerboats—doesn’t take long to watch. It does, however, deliver solid information on using the company’s Crystal Clear spray cleaner and finishing wax system for acrylic windshields.

To watch the video, simply click on the image.To watch the video, simply click on the image above.

In the simple yet informative video, company president Carmen Bélanger-Martin walks viewers through the basics steps of cleaning an acrylic windshield. Steps include blowing off dust and particles with compressed air before applying the Crystal Clear cleaning product, and completing the process with the application and removal of the Crystal Clear finishing wax.

During the process, Bélanger-Martin also warns about the damage that traditional glass cleaners and acetone can cause to acrylic windscreen. To watch the video now click here.

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