BBlades Offering Annual Winter Special


From January through February 2015, BBlades Professional Propellers in Princeton, Wis., will be offering its annual “Winter Tune-Up” special. During those months, the company will inspect, repair and lab-finish stainless steel and aluminum propellers—as well as customize new props—at a shop rate of $80 per hour, according to a press release from the company.

“A season of boating can ding, dent and crack a propeller,” said Brett Anderson, owner of BBlades, in a press release from the company. “Sometimes so subtly, you aren’t even aware of the damage until you’re out on the water.”

In his recent interview for’s “Forecast 2015” series, Anderson said his company is remains busy with repair work from the 2014 season and is expecting its Winter Tune-Up special to attract even more business to the shop. To that end, he is encouraging clients to send their props to BBlades as early as possible.

“The slower winter months—when Northerners are just dreaming of boating—are the perfect time to have propeller work done,” he said in the release. “Don’t wait in line next spring with the slackers.”

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Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images