Commentary: Special Treat in Key West

From the Desert Storm Poker Run in Arizona to the Boyne City Poker Run in Michigan, it happened to me a few times at every event I attended this year while providing coverage for and/or

burgerfi sotw

The party at BurgerFi on Duval Street provided a great view of two eventual world champions—the Miss GEICO and Broadco raceboats.

Someone comes up to me, introduces him or herself and proceeds to tell me that they look forward to the weekly newsletter we send out each Friday or that they like all the stuff myself and Matt Trulio post on Facebook or one of the boating forums like OSO and It doesn’t get any better than that—honestly.

The same thing happened repetitively over a two-plus-hour stretch during the party at BurgerFi in Key West, Fla., last Friday night. That’s because we decided to grow the party from last year’s invitation-only affair—a majority of the people I already knew—into an open-to-the-public affair this year. Oh yeah, the party also coincided with the Super Boat International street party, which helped with the festive atmosphere.

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