Connecting The Dots


Like most of you, I did my level best to forget everything work-related during Labor Day Weekend. I worked so hard on that, in fact, that I now need a vacation from my vacation. I know that you know what I mean.

Beyond an Unlimited hydroplane race in Idaho and the annual Kankakee River Regatta in Illinois, there wasn’t a whole lot of formal “organized” activity in the go-fast boat world over the holiday weekend. But from the Gulf Coast of Florida to Discovery Bay in California, there were countless informal raft-ups, fun runs and parties—the social side of high-performance boating was in high gear this weekend.

How do I know this? Facebook, of course. I have 981 Facebook “friends” on my personal page right now and more than half are from the go-fast boat world. My news feed over the weekend looked like a digital boat parade. Since my water-related activities were limited to daily showers, I was more than a little jealous.

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