Dave Scotto Finds His Dream Boat

outerlimits scottoOwner of a new 52 SL with Mercury Racing 1650 engines, Dave Scotto feels that Outerlimits builds the best boats in the world.

Here is a simple truth about high-performance powerboat owners: They are never completely “satisfied” with what they have tied up at the docks. That’s not to say they don’t love and appreciate their current rides. But given the means and the opportunity to upgrade, most wouldn’t hesitate.

Dave Scotto of Ontario, Canada, is a perfect example. Since he was 17 years old, he has owned a series of boats—from a 19-foot Panther ski-boat with a 250-hp outboard engine to his current beauty, an Outerlimits Super Leggera 52 V-bottom with twin Mercury Racing 1650 Race engines. And he’s loved every one of them. Of course, he loves his new 52-footer, the first and only V-bottom to date to be equipped with 1650s, most of all.

“When I buy something, I want to buy the best,” said Scotto. “I feel that Outerlimits builds the best boat in the world.”

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