Dave’s Custom Boats Takes on Partner, Will Add New Models

dcbDCB is the West’s premier builder of custom catamarans and V-bottoms.

Dave’s Custom Boats client Rob Blair has become a partner in the El Cajon, Calif., company. The announcement was made in an open letter to DCB clients by Dave Hemmingson, the founder of the well-known custom catamaran and V-bottom builder.

“This partnership will bring superior financial strength to our company,” said Hemmingson. “I will remain president of DCB with this arrangement. For all of you concerned, I am feeling better. With this new partnership I will be able to live a healthier lifestyle with focus on sales, marketing, and new designs. Rob is a very dear friend to us and a loyal customer.

“Day to day operations at DCB will continue to be performed by the same talented and passionate key people you have learned to love,” he added. “DCB will continue building the boats of your dreams and preserving our quest to be superior in product, unequaled in quality and craftsmanship.”

Hemmingson added that the company will release two new wide-body catamaran models—an M-29 and an M-40—in 2012.

“We’re already going on the M-40,” said Hemmingson.