Entry-Level Buyers and South Florida Exposure Targeted for Sunsation 29-footer

A scaled-down version of the successful 34 CCX center console Sunsation introduced last year, the new Sunsation 29 CCX is on the road to Doller Offshore Marine, the company’s dealer in Hollywood, Fla., for final preparation before its debut next week at the Miami International Boat Show. Less than two weeks ago, Mindi Doller, the owner of Doller Offshore, traveled to Sunsation headquarters in Algonac, Mich., to check out the stepped-hull 29-footer while it was being completed.

Mindi Doller recently visited Sunsation to check out the first CCX 29 in its final stages of construction.Mindi Doller recently visited Sunsation to check out the first 29 CCX in its final stages of construction.

“I came to see my new baby being built,” she said. “A lot of center consoles in this size range look like plain open fishing platforms, which is fine if that’s what you want, with no real styling. The 29 has the same style, the same lines, the same big center cabin and the same functionality as the 34, just in a smaller package. The guys at Sunsation did an amazing job laying it out.

“I wanted the 29 for two reasons,” she continued. “One is that a lot of people in South Florida still don’t know Sunsation. The sportboat people do, but not the center console people. The other was that I wanted to be able to offer an affordable, ‘entry-level’ model that is in no way ‘bare bones.’ ”

A quick "spy pic" of the CCX 29—the public will get its first clean view of the boat at next week's Miami International Boat Show.A quick “spy pic” of the 29 CCX—the public will get its first clean view of the boat at next week’s Miami International Boat Show.

Doller said that with its current equipment and power package—a pair of 150-hp Mercury Marine Four-Stroke outboard engines (not to be confused with Mercury’s more-expensive Verado four-stroke outboards)—the 29-footer should sell in the $130,000 range. With that power package, top speed is expected to be 50 mph. The boat will be showcased in the water at the Mercury docks at Sea Isle Marina during the Miami show.

“It’s a very economical boat to purchase and it will be a very economical boat to own and operate,” Doller said. “But it has a lot of really neat futures, like a removable windshield if it’s a really nice day and you want to run without it. It’s a light boat with a performance hull, so it should outperform everything in the same class.

“Sunsation is completely committed to customer service, which is why they are the only new-boat line we carry,” she continued. “We have the same commitment they do—we’re a full-service, Mercury Marine-certified dealer that can handle everything from financing to boat storage. That makes Sunsation and Doller a good team, and we think the 29, like the 34, is going to be a big success.”

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