Florida Powerboat Club to Raffle Pro Marine RC Boat for Reef Relief in Key West


The Florida Powerboat Club’s Stu and Jackie Jones and veteran offshore racer Micheal Stancombe of Pro Marine RC are teaming up for a worthy cause next week in Key West, Fla. Continuing the FPC’s ongoing commitment to the Reef Relief organization, the club will auction off one of Stancombe’s new radio-controlled raceboats to FPC members. The winner of the auction, which will run Friday and Saturday, will be announced during the club’s Key West Poker Run Dinner and Awards Banquet on Saturday evening.

“I think it’s going to be a nice addition,” said Jackie Jones. “Micheal called and offered to donate a boat for us to auction, and we just decided today, ‘Let’s do it.’ We always donate to Reef Relief and they actually have a location in the Poker Run Village. There are a lot of things going on with the Florida reefs right now.”

While the details for the raffle are still being finalized, Stancombe said he expects each ticket to cost $10. The RC raceboat he’s bringing to Key West will be for display only—he’ll ship a brand-new model to the raffle winner.

“I’m excited about it,” he said. “All of the proceeds will go to Reef Relief on behalf of the Florida Powerboat Club and Pro Marine RC.”

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