Formula Partners With VesselVanguard

Buyers of new Formula sportboats and cruisers from 24 to 45 feet long will receive a five-year subscription to VesselVanguard, a cloud-based “vessel management solution” service. That announcement was made today in a press release from VesselVanguard, which is based Annapolis, Md.


All new models from Formula such as the 350 CBR pictured here will come standard with a five-year subscription to VesselVanguard.

According to the release, the service provides powerboat owners with a secure and comprehensive boat profile accessible from the cloud—anywhere at any time—by browser, tablet or smartphone. Each owner’s cloud-based profile contains all manuals in searchable form with current updates, warranty data, and registration and insurance documentation, all organized to the preferences of the owner.

“Boat owners today are distinctly different than previous generations, and so are their expectations,” said Don Hyde, the chief executive officer, VesselVanguard, in the release. “Mobility and one-click simplicity are just the start, and now we see smart manufacturers like Formula bringing new boaters to the lifestyle and reaping the rewards of increased market share, new operational efficiencies, and greater profits. Formula’s decision establishes a true leadership role making them an even stronger competitor.”

Since 2001, Formula Boats, whichi is based in Decatur, Ind., has included its own five-year “Formula Guard” extended warranty with every boat. Providing simplified functionality that does not require a software tutorial, VesselVanguard’s digital manuals and automated “lifecycle management tools’ enhance the Formula Guard warranty, according to the release, by communicating maintenance needs to both owners and service providers.