GTMM 39’ In Production at Mystic

Mystic is builidng the GTMM 39'  with conventional lamination materials.Mystic is builidng the GTMM 39′ with conventional lamination materials.

Small-parts fabrication is almost complete and hull and deck lamination are two to three weeks away for the Giovanni Theodoli Marine Manufacturing 39-foot V-bottom at Mystic Powerboats, according to Mystic principal John Cosker. The GTMM 39’ is based off the original 39-foot Dragon tooling, but with an open top and hull modifications.

Unlike the Deland, Fla., boat builder’s own composite-built catamarans and V-bottoms, the GTMM 39’, as well as GTMM’s upcoming Magnum hull-based 27-footer (See the complete story), will be built with vinylester resin and conventional fiberglass.

“They are trying to reach a price point with the 39’ and 27’, and it’s really hard to get there with an epoxy boat,” said Cosker. “We build a lot of tooling for other manufacturers, so we already have a vinylester lay-up-program in place. But this will help us develop that program even further.”

The 39-footer is slated for introduction in February at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show. When this story went live, Cosker did not know what the propulsion package for the boat would be.

“I know we’re installing Mercury Racing No. 6 drives, but I still don’t know what the power is going to be,” he said.