Image of the Week: Giving Thanks On The Intracoastal

Just about everyone has some kind of fun tradition on the weekend following Thanksgiving. You spend the better part of Friday coming out of your food coma, but by the time Saturday rolls around you’re ready to get the party started again. And why not? The holiday season has just begun and will be gone before you know it.


Great post-Thanksgiving Saturday traditions, such as the Turkey Day Run in Fort Myers, come in all shapes and sizes. Photo copyright/courtesy Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

Growing up in Southern California, my friends and I, for example, had a post-Thanksgiving, Saturday ritual that started with beach volleyball that morphed into touch football that deteriorated into tackle football, which inevitably led to a group trip to the emergency room followed by lots of cold beer back at the beach.

The go-fast powerboat crowd in Fort Myers, Fla., is no exception to post-holiday ritual, which is why the group hosts its annual Offshore Turkey Run on the Saturday following the epic feast. As in years past, they started their daylong adventure near the Sanibel Causeway. Photographer Jay Nichols of Naples Image was on hand to capture the action.

“The morning started out cool, but warmed into an incredible day on the water in Southwest Florida,” said Nichols.