Inside SOTW Mag: Product Spotlight—Fine-Tuning Drive Heights

Building upon the success of the company’s STR X-Act adjustable outboard brackets, world champion racer Shaun Torrente has been hard at work designing a variety of products for the performance boat industry. From lightweight race and DTS throttles and shifters to quick-release canopy hinges and steering pulleys, the STR catalog continues to expand.

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The new STR X-Act Laser Height Kit is a pretty slick device.

One of the latest and most well received STR products Torrente has designed is theSTR X-Act Laser height kit, which allows boaters to quickly and accurately set their drive heights and toe widths.

“The laser level works really well and the feedback from everyone who has tried one has been incredible,” said Torrente, explaining that the tool has three adjustment points. “It’s a pretty cool tool; it takes away the guesswork of getting drive heights just right and more.”

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