Inside SOTW Mag: Young Guns—The Under-40 Dozen

There’s no shortage of gray hair in the high- performance marine world—that much we know, starting with a quick look in the mirror. Right now, that’s not a problem. But could it become one? Is there a next generation of folks in the go-fast marine world who can and will shepherd the industry when its elder statesmen are gone?


Who will guide the high-performance marine industry into the future? Here’s a look at 12 shakers and movers who have yet to celebrate their 40th birthdays. Photo of Performance Center’s Brett Manire (right) with Sunsation’s Joe Schaldenbrand courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

The answer to both questions is yes. Lacking fresh blood, the high-performance marine industry will die. It doesn’t run itself. The good news is there’s a slew of younger folks who are already involved and ready to take the industry to another level as their predecessors fade out of the picture.

Younger, at least for the purposes of this article, means less than 40 years old. That’s borderline ancient for industries such as technology and hospitality, but not for marine. In our world, people just begin to hit their stride as they enter their thirties.

What follows is a look at a dozen of the brightest young lights in high-performance marine industry. While there are no guarantees, we’re confident their accomplishments to date will be eclipsed by their future achievements. They have talent and drive.

And they also have time.

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