Jay Nichols On The Long Road To Recovery

The color-saturated, Photoshop-heavy work of photographer Jay Nichols isn’t for everyone. When it comes to capturing the high-performance powerboat world, Nichols’ approach to digital imagery is more Impressionist than Realist. Depending on your taste in photography, you either love or hate—there doesn’t seem to be much in between—his work. Like many of you, I fall in the first camp.

Love or hate the work of photographer Jay Nichols, it's never boring. Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

As for the guy behind the lens himself, everyone seems to love, or at least like him. And why not? Nichols is easygoing (though like all of us he can be provoked and lose patience), gracious and approachable. He has zero “big-shot photographer” attitude, and he’s often wickedly funny.

Nichols, who sustained two fractured vertebrae from a fall he took in a boat at the start of the Boyne Thunder Poker Run earlier this month (read the story) is going to need every bit of his sense of humor as he recovers in the coming months. The good news is he’s already using it while he recuperates at the home of his sister, Amy, in Northern Pennsylvania.

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