John Cosker Burns Bright


It’s hard to overstate the reach of John Cosker, the founder and owner of Mystic Powerboats in Deland, Fla., in the high-performance powerboat world. Break it down into levels and you can wrap your head around it—or at least try to.

Level I is “building the Cosker-designed Mystic line,” which for all intents and purposes means three to four $1 million-plus, carbon-fiber and epoxy 50-foot catamarans a year. Worth noting are past Mystic projects that include 55- and 70-foot V-bottom performance yachts

Level II is “designing for center console boat builders,” most notably Deep Impact (all existing models and the upcoming 42-footer), Contender (the entire LS series plus a 60-foot yacht  project), Concept (the 44-footer) and Midnight Express (the 37-footer and a new 43-footer).

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