Join Your Fellow Motorsports Junkies on My Garage App

For those who know Travis Richardson of Swoop Motorsports in Valencia, Calif., they will all tell you the same thing—he sure loves his motorsports. It doesn’t matter if it’s sand rails, dirt bikes, performance boats or other “toys”—Richardson and his wife, Summer, are usually behind the wheel of something with some horsepower behind it.

mygarage dcb 875

Travis and Summer Richardson run their 32-foot DCB on Lake Havasu (click image for full picture). Photo by Todd Taylor Images

Even though Richardson admits he was the last person his friends and family would think would create an app, it’s no surprise that he’s dedicated so much of his time to launching and promoting My Garage App, a social media outlet for motorsports enthusiasts just like him. What is surprising is how quickly the app has grown.

mygarage appIn less than a year, the app has more than 25,000 users—and Travis and Summer, who own a DCB F-32 with a pair of 1,050-hp Teague Custom Marine engines, is expecting it to keep growing rapidly through word of mouth and additional marketing that includes commercials on MAVTV starting in February.

Travis, who worked at Howard Custom Boats in Valencia for several years, could have created an app to connect fellow boaters, but he and Summer, who grew up watching her father race dragsters and powerboats, had a larger vision of connecting everyone involved in motorsports together in one place. Not only is My Garage App an outlet for conversing with people who have similar interests, showing off your ride or promoting an upcoming event, it is also a good place to list vehicles, tools, parts and more.

“My Garage App is a community of people that all share the same interest, motorsports,” Travis said. “Whether its performance boats, classic cars, hot rods, dirt bikes, sand rails, RVs, drag racing, NASCAR, radio-controlled vehicles, go-karts, lifted trucks, sports cars, planes, jets, helicopters—basically anything with a motor—My Garage App is for you. It is a place to load your vehicles in your garage and peak into friends’ garages to see what they have. You can look at vehicle specifications, post pictures on the speedway and, if you like something you see, give it a wrench! Our goal this year is to get to as many events and help promote the events on My Garage App with vendors.”

Travis said he’s in the process of adding an update to the app that will allow users to share their posts on Facebook and Instagram. My Garage App is on Facebook and Instagram if you’d like to follow them that way.

Of course, you can also find and like on My Garage.

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