Mercedes AMG Partnership Produces Another Aquatic Rocket


We know what you’re thinking—you already read the story of the Cigarette Racing Team 50′ Vision GT Concept Marauder inspired by the Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept car, both of which were on display together earlier this month at the Miami International Boat Show. Yeah, it was cool, but enough already.

But this time around, we’re not talking about a 50-foot V-bottom powered by twin 1,650-hp engines. We’re talking about a tow-in surfboard, wind-tunnel-designed and manufactured by Mercedes-Benz AMG, “powered” by massive waves—some close to 100 feet tall, off Nazare, Portugal—and ridden by famed big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara. The board, in combination with McNamara’s wetsuit, even has a built-in telemetry system.

With a measured top speed (so far) of 64 kilometers per hour and change, this isn’t the kind of speed on the water, much less the propulsion system, you’re used to seeing or likely will ever see again on this site. But for something truly awe-inspiring and, frankly, more than a little terrifying, check out the video.

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