Mercury Racing 565 Not ‘Recalled’


Introduced at the 2012 Miami International Boat Show in February, the new Mercury Racing 565 engine has not been “recalled,” according to Fred Kiekhaefer, the president of the Fond du Lac, Wis., company. Unconfirmed reports of the recall began when Formula Boats and Nor-Tech Hi-Performance Boats sent the 565-hp, digital throttle and shift engines installed in their “demo” boats back to Mercury Racing, after the Miami event.

Powered by Mercury Racing's new 565 engines, these Formula and Nor-Tech models were being used as demos in Mercury's in-water display at the Miami International Boat Show in February.“Here are the facts,” said Kiekhaefer. “On the 565, we found a more durable valve seat material in long-term endurance testing. We gave new 565 owners the option of having us install our new seats now, or at a more convenient time of their choosing—as late as first rebuild. Nor-Tech and Formula chose now. Cigarette chose later.”

The 565 engines currently being constructed at Mercury Racing to fill orders that came out of the Miami show will have the new valve seat materials, as will all subsequent 565 units when the engine goes into full production next week.