Miss Geico Racing Offers Free Raceboat Safety Evaluations

Miss Geico in action. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.Miss Geico in action. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.

In an effort to address the largely unstandardized world of domestic offshore raceboat safety, this Miss Geico Team is offering free in-depth safety evaluations of any boat brought by a team to the Miss Geico Shop in Riviera Beach, Fla. All the team needs to do is deliver the boat.

“We will go through their boats, inch by inch,  and evaluate them as they are for safety,” said Marc Granet, the driver of the 50-foot, turbine-powered Miss Geico Mystic catamaran, in a telephone interview earlier this morning. “We will tell them how much water pressure the windows on their canopy can handle, if their air system is adequate or if it needs to be replaced, if their escape hatches are set up correctly, everything you can think of. We will give them a list of things they should do, and  a list of things they must do to field a safe boat on an offshore racecourse.”

Granet said the free-evaluation offer is something the Geico team wants to do for the good of the sport, and because it has spent years gathering safety information and applying it to the Miss Geico cat.

“Miss Geico isn’t just the fastest boat on the course, it’s the safest,” said Granet. “We have done so much research and developed so much safety technology that we’ve used for our own boat. Obviously, not every boat can be Miss Geico, not every team has the resources. But we can tell them what to do to make existing boats a lot safer.”