MTI Production ‘Slammed’

While mid-summer is traditionally among the slowest times of the boat-building year, Marine Technology, Inc., in Wentzville, Mo., reportedly is swamped with orders for its custom high-performance catamarans and center consoles. That’s the word from company principal Randy Scism, who said MTI has added 20 employees in the past six months—working six days a week—to help handle the increase in business.

MTI principal Randy Scism (right) delivers another beauty. Photo by Jason Johnson.MTI principal Randy Scism (right) delivers another beauty. Photo by Jason Johnson.

“We haven’t been this busy in years,” said Scism in a telephone interview this afternoon. “We are slammed, and I’m all over the place running wide open to make it all work, but it’s good. Touch wood, things are really strong with both the catamarans and V-bottoms.”

On the cat side, Scism said the company has 44-, 48- and 52-footers in production, with “orders behind them.” While MTI is getting orders for its cats with twin Mercury Racing 1100 and 1650 Race engines, most are going out the door with the company’s 1350 mills.

At present, MTI reportedly has three V 42 center consoles in production with several more on order.

“As soon as we have the chance, we’ll build a demo boat,” said Scism. “Once people ride in the V 42, they can’t believe it. It’s a big boat with a great ride, but it’s nimble.”

MTI typically builds 10 to 12 boats a year, according to Scism. He said that the company is shooting for a 50-percent increase in business this year, and he credits the sharp increase in orders so far to “pent-up demand.”

“The guys who have waited and waited to see what’s going to happen have decided they’re going to do something,” said Scism. “We’re just grateful that they’re doing it with us.”