My 2014 Go-Fast Boat Event Wish List


Between planning our family’s 2014 calendar—which is going to be quite busy, but not as jammed with business travel thanks to the addition of our second girl in early March—and chatting with guys like Greg Harris (Cash Bar here on from South Florida and Nate Michel from Louisiana about their 2014 poker run schedules, it got me thinking about column ideas (I’m a writer, that’s we do).

But rather than live in the real world since I won’t be on the go too much in 2014, I figured it would be fun to play a “what if” game. What if I could attend 10 performance boat events this year—five I’d never been to before (highlighted in red) and five of my favorites (highlighted in green)—what would my calendar look like? Obviously this is only a wish list, and I’m limiting travel to the States or I’d be in Dubai or even Brazil at some point this year, but these are 10 events I wouldn’t want to miss.

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(Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.)