Mystic Using Waves and Wheels for Audio in New Models

When the spanking new models from Mystic Powerboats—the long-awaited high-performance 40-foot catamaran and two 39-foot luxury performance center consoles—are unveiled at the Miami International Boat Show in February, all of the DeLand, Fla., company’s boats will be equipped with Waves and Wheels audio and video entertainment systems, according to Mystic owner John Cosker.


The first 40-foot catamaran from Mystic Powerboats will include an entertainment system designed by Waves and Wheels.

Best known for its custom high-end stereo systems, the Missouri outfit owned by Justin Wagner also provides packages to various manufacturers custom designed to the style of boat and the characteristics desired from each entertainment system, which was appealing to Cosker.

“We knew high-end stereos were going to be standard equipment on our new 39s, and all of our boats moving forward,” said Cosker. “But we’re not audio experts and we don’t claim to be. Shane Sherman told me about the work Justin and his crew have done. So we jumped on a call and Justin immediately jumped on a plane to come visit our shop. That said a lot—there are guys in Orlando who say they can do this and that, and they can’t even drive an hour to come see us. And this guy flies out from Missouri.

“Once I met him, I realized he knew his stuff,” he continued. “At the time I could only tell him about the 40 because we hadn’t released anything on the 39. As soon as that went pubic I sent him the schematics of the 39 so he could start working on his design. He’s been great to work with so far and he really understands the build process. He’ll be setting up the systems initially and training my technicians so they can handle the installation. If someone wants a really high-end system, Justin will bring his techs down.”

wnw wagner ironman14

Justin Wagner of Waves and Wheels stands aboard his Ironman-themed Hustler Powerboats 377 Talon at the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout.

Wagner said working with Mystic is an amazing opportunity.

“I’m looking forward to working with John and everyone at Mystic,” said Wagner, adding that he hopes to own a Mystic one day—a “used one” he said with a laugh. “One thing I enjoy is designing better systems for builders. I can set them up with what fits their boats best versus the typical, more generic packages. We’ve always got new, exciting products—the lines we carry are constantly improving. Yeah it’s not the big-box brands, but those aren’t always best.”

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