Octane Marine Hosting Driving School Course For Customer And Staff Members

At least five customers of Octane Marine, an engine-building and full service high-performance marine shop, will take the Tres Martin Performance Boat School course the company is hosting—for the classroom portion of the curriculum—at its facility in Phoenix, Ariz. What’s more, Charlie Brown, the owner of the eight-year-old company, and key Octane Marine employee Sonny Sofia also will be taking the course from the well-known instructor. The course will run Jan. 12-14. (The hands-on instructional portion will be taught on the Colorado River.)


Octane Marine’s Charlie Brown met Tres Martin during the recent Monster Bash Poker Run on Lake Havasu. (Click image to enlarge.) Photo courtesy/copyright Jay Nichols/Naples Image.

Active in the Southwest performance-boat community, Octane Marine is a sponsor of Desert Storm as well as the Monster Bash Poker Run, which happened in October. That’s where Performance Boat School founder Tres Martin met Brown.

“He thought it would be good to put his employee throughg the course so it would reassure clients that there boats were left in good hands,” said Martin. “We really like his thought process behind this. He also encouraged alot of his customers to sign up.”

“On the customer side, we just want to make sure everyone is safe,” said Brown, who owns a 36-foot Eliminator Daytona catamaran. “Our customers are running a lot faster after we work on their motors and a few have had close calls. We mainly want to make sure everyone is safe.

“I also wanted to do the course myself, as well as have my employee do it with, because I do a lot of engine tuning,” he added. “My Daytona does 130 mph and I wanted to take the course to keep safer myself.”

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