Outerlimits Not Sold and Not For Sale

After reading a “hot off the press” forum post on OffshoreOnly.com regarding the possible sale of Outerlimits Offshore Powerboats, I immediately called owner Mike Fiore.

Outerlimits owner Mike Fiore denied reports that his company is up for sale.Outerlimits owner Mike Fiore denied reports that his company is up for sale.Although I interrupted a call between Fiore and Italian offshore racer Giancarlo Cangiano, who will be running his Kiton Outerlimits in the Cowes Classic endurance event at the end of August with full factory support, Fiore called me right back and stated categorically that his company, which is celebrating its 19th anniversary, is not for sale, much less in negotiations to be sold.

“When I read that on the Internet, I ran out in the mailbox to see if there was a check waiting for me—I could use some time off, but the check wasn’t there,” Fiore chuckled. “I am in shock over this rumor. Gosh, if you read it on the Internet it has to be true, right?

“Seriously, we currently have no intentions of selling the company,” he continued. “I am proud of our 19 years of continuous boat building. We’re going to continue building high-quality boats and we’ll continue to support our customers.”