Outerlimits Sets New V-Bottom Kilo Record—and Coming Back Tomorrow


WASHINGTON, N.C.—Moments ago on the Pamlico River, a 43-foot Outerlimits V-bottom powered by Mercury Racing 1650 engines driven and throttled by world champion offshore racer Brian Forehand set a new V-bottom “special event” kilometer speed record of 172.876 mph. The record was sanctioned, recorded and verified by the American Power Boat Association.

The canopied SV 43 offshore raceboat’s two-way record was produced by an average speed of 174.938 mph in its second pass
and 170.863 pass in its third pass in the opposite direction. Per APBA kilo-run rules, the runs happened within 15 minutes of one another.

“The good news is we broke the record,” Fiore said. “The bad news is, it isn’t fast enough for to make me, Joe (Sgro) and Brian (Forehand) happy. So we’re going to come back tomorrow morning.” Fiore added that the plan is to get started at 10 a.m.


To build on today’s success. the Outerlimits crew will come back tomorrow and attempt to break its own record.

“It felt good, but it’s a little too windy,” said Forehand, who added that he saw speeds in excess of 180 mph on the boat’s GPS. “The wind was pushing the nose around.”

Forehand aborted his last pass when he felt a vibration that turned out to be a broken propeller. At present, the plan is for the boat to head back out on the course early tomorrow morning with its broken prop replaced. The Outerlimits crew will—in essence—be attempting to break its own new record.

Today’s first efforts by the Outerlimits team eclipsed the existing kilo mark of 171.88 mph set by Reggie Fountain and Ben Robertson in a 42-foot Fountain V-bottom. Fountain and Robertson also established their mark on the Pamlico River in 2004. Founded and owned by Fountain until 2009, Fountain Powerboats—now owned by Baja Marine—is located on the river’s shore.

olkilo3Fiore (left) and Sgro during the morning’s safety briefing.

Four kilo-course patrol boats and two safety boats, each with a rescue diver and a paramedic on board are providing support for event.

Among the more than 20 people on hand for the event are Michael “Doc” Janssen, a former Fountain and current Outerlimits offshore racer, who holds Super Boat International world championship titles in boats from both builders, Mike Fiore’s father Paul Fiore, Mercury Racing representatives general manager Erik Christiansen and Mike Griffiths, Outerlimits customer Dave Scotto and several crew members from Marker 17 Marine, Forehand’s business in Wilmington, N.C. Fred Hauenstein, Janie Tilton and Sherron Winer from APBA handled today’s timing chores.


Just before his run in the 43-footer, Forehand received some words of wisdom from APBA’s Fred Hauenstein.

Editor’s note: Look for updates as the kilo runs continue tomorrow morning, as well as a complete feature on the Outerlimits kilo record in the upcoming May/June issue of Speed On The Water digital magazine.

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