Performance Boat Candy Releases Gelcoat Restoration Guide

Between attending boat shows, poker runs, regattas and more over the past few years and answering hundreds of e-mails, Tim Weinzirl, founder of Performance Boat Candy (PBC), has an excellent grasp of the types of questions boaters have when it comes to detailing their boats. That’s exactly why he decided to put the time and energy into producing “The Performance Boat Candy Advantage: A Professional Guide to Restoring and Protecting Your Gelcoat.”

Not only could Weinzirl provide a detailed description of the PBC Advantage—a complete and easy-to-use system of technology-driven boat care products and professional detailing techniques—he also thought he’d be able to showcase many tips that would help boat owners keep or restore their boat finish and make it look like the day it left the showroom floor.

“We put together the guide to answer many of the questions we continuously field as well as to solidify how our system works,” Weinzirl said. “We’ve come to realize how little people know about waxing, polishing and the different levels of oxidation. This guide gives the novice as well as the experienced ‘detailer,’ if you will, the opportunity to take a look at how we do things.”

Along with a complete restoration matrix to determine which oxidation phase is best, the downloadable 27-page pdf guide provides before-and-after examples, buffing process details and tool and pad advice.

“This is stuff that we live and breathe—we kind of forget people don’t have the same base knowledge as we do,” said Weinzirl, adding that PBC will update the guide as more questions arise or techniques and/or products advance.

To download the comprehensive guide, click here.

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