Peters & May Hydro to Fly Union Jack in 2014

In a tribute to its home base in the United Kingdom, global marine transport leader Peters & May will dress its U-11 Unlimited Hydroplane with the Union Jack—the official flag of Great Britain—for the 2014 racing season. The new graphics for the hydro will be used to complement rather than replace its current chartreuse and blue graphics package.

petersmayhydro1For the 2014 season, the U-11 Peters & May Unlimited Hydro team will add the Union Jack to its graphics package.

“With the 96 team flying the flag for the country of Qatar and our team gaining partnerships from additional U.K.-based companies, the team felt the time was right to expand their international reach and proudly represent Great Britain by running as gbr11,” said David Holley, the president of Peters & May, in a press release from the company.

In 2012, the U-11 team traveled to England to participate in the Coniston Water Records Week runs held on the famed Coniston Water. It was the first time and Unlimited hydroplane had run on British waters. The team reportedly made more than a few fans in the United Kingdom, and now they’ll have a boat to pull for during the H1 Tour this season.

“Running the boat in England for Peters & May was a huge honor,” said Shannon Raney, the co-owner of the team, in the release. “The people of the United Kingdom were very welcoming and we were able to introduce our sport to a whole new audience.”

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