Pushing For Early Education


It makes perfect sense that you know the Tres Martin Performance Boat School from the high-performance powerboat world and, as such, associate it with seriously fast boats that can top 150 mph. After all, go-fast catamarans and V-bottoms are your passion. And since Martin started the program, which can actually lower your insurance premiums with most companies if you complete the course (though you do, of course, need to check with your individual insurer to see if your boat qualifies for a discount), in 2003 and was joined the following year by fellow expert instructor Brad Schoenwald, the school has become the place to get the very best in go-fast boat driving instruction.

But the truth is, you don’t need a 150-mph aquatic rocket to get the most out of what Martin and Schoenwald—and eventually apprentice instructor Karen Benson—have to offer. Even owners with powerboats capable of one-third of that speed can benefit from the school’s basic Performance Boat Course, and to that end Martin and company will be making a marketing push in the coming year.

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