Qatar Turbine Race Cat Production Begins


Production of a 50-foot, turbine-powered Mystic catamaran for the Qatar Marine Sports Federation started today, according to John Cosker, the principal of Mystic Powerboats in Deland, Fla. The Qatar team will campaign the cat, which was commissioned by Sheikh Hassan bin Jabor Al-Thani, in the United States during the 2013 offshore racing season.

“Hopefully, we will have it finished in the next four months,” Cosker said in a telephone interview this afternoon. “From there it will go to rigging, graphics and testing. We have to have it ready for them in time for the (2013) Miami Boat Show.”

Cosker said his point people for the project have been Sheikh Hassan, as well as renowned offshore racing throttleman Steve Curtis.

The boat initially will be set up with twin T-53 turbine engines from Whispering Turbines for offshore racing.

“In August (2013), it will be ready to accept T-55 engines for the Lake of the Ozarks Shootout,” Cosker said.

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