Sharkey Images Launches Custom Video Business With Atlantic City Race Recap

A mostly self-taught photographer who focuses on the high-performance powerboat world, New Jersey-based Tim Sharkey of Sharkey Images is adding customized offshore racing videos to his line of digital products. Sharkey recently made a significant investment in digital video camera and digital video editing equipment to augment his still photography business. At 54 minutes long, his first release is a compelling recap the Offshore Powerboat Association-sanctioned Atlantic City Grand Prix in June. (To view the new video, click here.)


Sharkey Images recently made a significant investment in digital video camera and editing equipment. To view his first customized video release, click here or click on the image above.

If you’re a diehard offshore racing fan, the video’s 54 minutes of almost nonstop action probably won’t be enough for you. But for most performance-boat enthusiasts it’s plenty, and the action captured is plenty good.

Like traditional offshore racing videos, Sharkey’s first release blends onboard and remote video footage, though unlike those traditional offerings his videos will have no voice-over audio. (Sharkey handles class-by-class racing results using clean graphics.) But what makes Sharkey’s videos intriguing, at least for offshore racers, is that they can be “customized.” Offshore racers who want their onboard footage included—and most teams have multiple Go-Pro digital cameras mounted on their boats these days—can supply it to Sharkey, and for a modest fee he will edit it and include it in the video as a compliment to the remote footage he captures of each boat.

“So many people from the Offshore Powerboat Association have been asking me for years to start doing video,” says Sharkey. “Back then, not everyone had their own cameras and many teams would rent them. Since the technology has changed and made things more affordable and user friendly, I decided to tap the video market. My goal was to make it affordable and the response, at least so far with the first video from the Atlantic City race, has been incredible.

“The deal is $100 per boat, per race,” he adds. “I shoot what I can, usually from a photo boat, and the racers supply me their footage from their onboard cameras. I take it all in and then painstakingly go through all of the footage and try to find the best parts from all of the content.”

Editor’s Note: For additional information on Sharkey Images customized offshore racing digital video program, contact Tim Sharkey at Sharkey Images.