Speedonthewater Digital Magazine Coming This Month


When I started at Powerboat in 1995, the magazine didn’t have a website. Fact is, most magazines—most businesses for that matter—didn’t have websites. Five years later, I left Powerboat to become the powerboat content “producer,” a pretentious title to be sure, for boats.com in San Francisco. Do the math and you’ll realize that I left Powerboat just in time for the entire dotcom implosion of 2000. Timing, as they say, is everything and mine was wretched.

Six months and one major pay cut later with boats.com, I was again working for Powerboat, though this time as editor at large, a fancy term for freelance writer. In consideration for the reduction in pay, boats.com had allowed me to remain an employee and freelance for Powerboat. It was a good deal—a very good deal—because it allowed me have one foot in each world, print and online.

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