Speedonthewater.com 2.0 Goes Live


Completely redesigned and restructured, Speedonthewater.com 2.0 went live today. New additions to the site, which started as a daily high-performance boating blog, include:

•In The News

•New Boats/Engines


•Towing Tips (courtesy of Online Towing Guide)


Since it was founded 18 months ago to feed Boatermouth.com—a site filled with professionally written boating blogs—more than 400 original high-performance boating stories have appeared on the speedonthewater.com. The site still provides the high-performance news feed to Boatermouth.com.

A number of significant stories have been “broken” on speedonthewater.com, including the introduction of the Mercury Racing 1350 and M8 drive, the collaboration of Cigarette Racing Team and Mercedes AMG on a one-of-a-kind 46-footer, the retirement of offshore racing impresario John Haggin, the Geico vs. Super Boat International lawsuit, the introduction of the Mercury Racing 1100 engine and many more.

As a daily newsgathering site, speeonthewater.com not only breaks stories but follows them as they develop. The primary mission of the site is to keep visitors “up to speed” on the latest news, products, people and happenings in the high-performance boating world.