Superboat Class Showing Promise and Potential


Change comes hard in offshore racing. It always has. For every racer who sees technical modifications as the salvation of his class, there’s another who sees them as the road to ruin. The passion and drive of those involved is such that there tends to be very little in between. Emotions run high in offshore racing. Egos are big—and rightly so, for without them there would no sport—and easily bruised.

So it’s safe to say that when several members of the Superboat catamaran worked together last year to revamp the technical rules for the class, with the blessing of the Super Boat International organization, there was a truckload of ruffled feathers. Gone for good was the Superboat Light cat (commonly referred to as Cat Light) class, but truth be told that once-popular class was on life support and pulling the plug was merciful. Of course, not everyone saw it that way.

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(Photo courtesy Jeff Girardi/