Texas Hospitality to the Extreme: Live from Kenny’s

Dozens of boats raft off from the docks behind Kenny Armstrong's home in Dickinson, Texas—the first and only stop of Friday's leg of the Texas Outlaw Challenge.

Dozens of boats raft off from the docks behind Kenny Armstrong’s home in Dickinson, Texas—the first and only stop of Friday’s leg of the Texas Outlaw Challenge.

Three words: Only in Texas. I don’t think I need, or have, many more words to describe the first—also known as the “premier” for good reason—card stop of the Texas Outlaw Challenge on Friday. Why? Because where else in the country does a poker runner open his home to all 150-plus boats signed up for the event, and be able to accommodate all of them?

I’m talking about Kenny Armstrong’s property in Dickinson, Texas. Armstrong, who owns the 48-foot Phantom catamaran from Marine Technology Inc., said he loves hosting the poker run fleet and wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s a hospitable Texan at heart, that’s for sure.

He admits there is a ton of work involved, especially when he has to stock the pool bar, cater for hundreds of people and bring in a crane to launch his and his friends’ boats, but you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone having a better time at the party than Armstrong.

Obviously the hospitality is off the charts, the music is great and the Texas-sized spread is one I’ll never forget, but the most impressive aspect of the party is that everyone seemed to have a good time with zero drama. The only way I can describe it is like a Vegas pool party with your closest friends. I’ll stop now and let you check out some of my pictures.

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At the request of the crowd, the host of the party—Kenny Armstrong—goes down his slide. The party starts and ends at the pool bar—wonder why? Before heading back out in his Doug Wright 32 Poker Run edition, John Caparrel of Doug Wright West enjoys himself poolside.
Jeff Johnston of Hering Propellers catches up with his friend, Dave Hemmingson of Dave's Custom Boats. If it's not already the slogan, it should be—What happens at Kenny's house stays at Kenny's house. Two of the lovely ladies poolside at the Armstrong property.