The State of H1: Steve David’s 2015 Forecast

After sending out several texts and e-mails soliciting responses for the “Forecast 2015” series that started this week on, I received a fairly in-depth reply from the newly appointed H1 Unlimited Chairman Steve David. The former president of the American Power Boat Association and a six-time Unlimited hydroplane national driving champion, David is setting out to build upon H1 Unlimited’s recent growth and run the organization in a more business-like fashion.

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Although he’s volunteering for a position that was salaried in the past, David is taking his new role seriously—and he’s extremely excited about the sport’s future. So rather than cut some of his reply, I followed up with David to dig a little deeper into his response, which will be included with the others in the series, which started on Monday with Pier 57 Marine’s Scott Sjogren.

With 16 teams from four different states representing the Washington, D.C.-based organization, David, who lives in South Florida, began by stating that H1 Unlimited appears to be poised for a growth year in 2015, especially in terms of teams, powerplant options and racing sites.

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