Turbine Class: Fond Farewell or Good Riddance?


As fans of offshore racing’s Turbine-class—and I confess to being one in the past—we were the ultimate Charlie Browns. You know what I mean, right? Every time Lucy Van Pelt held that football we couldn’t wait to boot it through the uprights. And just before we reached the ball, Lucy snatched it away and we fell squarely on our backsides.

The Turbine class was our football—fate, ungodly expense, mechanical failures and the ever-changing schedules of busy turbine-powered catamaran owners, those were our Lucy Van Pelts. And they never failed to build us up and then let us down, squarely on our backsides, of course.

Well, fellow Charlie Browns, the Turbine-class won’t have us to kick around anymore.

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Photo courtesy/copyright Andy Newman/Monroe County Tourism Development Council