What’s Hot For September: Four To The Floor


Aside from kids heading back to school, there’s not much about September that signals summer’s end after Labor Day. Florida, like much of the Midwest and Northeast, is still plenty warm. On the West Coast, September and October tend to be the best weather months of all. But every year come September, most folks in the go-fast boating world tend to see the season as “over,” at least until its last hurrah every November in Key West, site of Super Boat International’s annual Offshore World Championships and the concurrent annual Florida Powerboat Club Key West Poker Run.

Still, several events happening this month are worth checking out—and here are four that won’t disappoint. As it happens, three are on the same weekend, but because they’re also on both sides of the country, they don’t compete with one another. The fourth actually is an early October event, so early in fact that it warranted inclusion in this list.

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Photo courtesy/copyright Bob Brown/Media Direction