Biddle and Blumenstein Look to Win from Coast to Coast

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Defending P1 SuperStock USA champions Andy Biddle and Tracy Blumenstein have a few goals in mind this season, but one is more motivating than the others—the chance to become the first team to win a national championship on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. An achievement no other team could ever accomplish again. With one race remaining, the team is in the driver’s seat heading into the P1 SuperStock UK Championship race in Torquay, England (Aug. 10-11).

I caught up with Biddle yesterday, just days after he and Blumenstein drove the MBY Allam Marine boat to a second-straight P1 SuperStock UK win in Plymouth and extended their points lead to 17 over the Oval Racing team of Nick Williams and Jonny Albut. Confident in both himself and his teammate’s racing ability going into the finale, the driver sounded excited and a bit exhausted at the same time.

“I have to thank P1 for the opportunity,” said Biddle, who owns the two Professional Boat dealerships in New Jersey with Blumenstein. “The organization has been instrumental in allowing us to race overseas. They’re expanding all over the world so being able to make the series international with us racing over there and James Norvill racing over here can only help the sport.”

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