Brand X Hi-Performance Adds New Services

ventura_jasonBrand X Hi-Performance’s Jason Ventura (second from left) enjoys the 2010 Miami International Boat Show with Jim Wiley and Reese Lewis (left). Photo courtesy Reese Lewis

Continuing to expand on his company’s in-house capabilities, Jason Ventura is adding a couple of services to the Brand X Hi-Performance repertoire. Ventura, who five years ago founded the Pembroke Park-based business that offers mechanical, storage and concierge services on Florida’s East Coast, announced in a press release that he’ll be offering BAM Marine‘s new Cyborg NEXT transmission as well as DITEC‘s paint preservation system.

As part of a continuing relationship with BAM Marine, the manufacturer of the Cyborg transmission, Brand X will utilize the new Cyborg NEXT—an alternative for the Mercury Racing NXT1 transmission—when necessary. The NEXT kit incorporates the Cyborg 1500 transmission and special adapters developed by BAM to couple to the Mercury Racing HP700SCi engines and NXT1 drives.

Brand X also has become a DITEC service center, an upgrade to its current detailing services. Ventura plans to utilize the paint preservation system on a caravan of boats, trucks, motorcycles and accessories.

“When I heard about how DITEC was being used to preserve the paint on high-end yachts, I figured this was something that I had to offer to my clients,” said Ventura, who used Bill Pyburn’s 388 Skater Pure Platinum as his “show boat” at the Key West Poker Run and was pleased with the results. “The whole idea is to simplify maintenance and keep the shine and luster of the boat. My clients invest a lot in these paint jobs, so I want to make sure that they stay looking good.

“It makes sense to protect every paint and metal from the elements we expose them to,” he continued. “It might be a little more expensive and labor intensive for me in the beginning, but the payoff is in the longevity.”