Buffalo Poker Run Registration Opens


Registration for the Buffalo Poker Run opened this morning. The Western New York-based event, which is slated for August 7-8 and attracted 118 boats—and more than 400 participants—last year (read the story), on Lake Erie will include a lunch stop in 2015. That’s the word from organizer Tony Scioli, who said he expect this year’s run to sell out quickly.

“The 2014 Buffalo Poker Run was sold out by June 1 and had over 30 boats on the waiting list,” Scioli wrote on the Buffalo Poker Run Eventbrite.com page. “We expect this year to even sell out really early so plan accordingly. We ask that you register your boats and entire crew early, because we can only accommodate 500 people total and when that number is hit, the event will be sold out with no exception.

“This year our goal is to improve the Buffalo Poker Run and raise even more money for charity,” he continued. “We are excited to announce we will be working on adding a lunch stop along with an entirely new course for 2015. Tim Sharkey of Sharkey-Images will also be returning for the fifth year in a row. So those of you with new boats should get online and pick out a photo package. He will be pre-selling packages through Sharkey Images with a money back guarantee if you do not like your photos.”

The 2014 Buffalo Poker Run raised more than $8,000 for Excalibur Leisure Services, the event’s designated charity, and paid out more than $6,000 in prizes to participants. Scioli said he hopes to exceed those numbers in 2015.

Editor’s Note: To register for the 2015 Buffalo Poker Run now, visit its eventbrite.com page by clicking here.

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Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images.