Commentary: Get Photographer Pete Boden Back In The Game

As widely reported in the local media earlier this week, Sarasota, Fla.-based photographer Pete Boden was involved in a helicopter accident during a shoot. Though the pilot was seriously injured, all three people on board the R-44 helicopter survived the crashed. Boden emerged with lacerations on his right ankle.

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As he proved earlier this week in Sarasota, photographer Pete Boden hardly misses a great moment (click photo to enlarge). Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

“I guess God didn’t need us today,” he told me less than an hour after the crash.

Click here to contribute to a Go Fund Me account for Pete Boden

His Minolta digital cameras, additional lenses and other photography essentials, however, were not so fortunate. All were damaged beyond repair by the waters of Sarasota Bay—and none were insured. The total loss of equipment is estimated to be close to $15,000.

A key contributor to as the daily go-fast boating content website’s chief photographer, Boden operates entirely as an independent contractor/freelancer. He is among the hardest-working professionals in the high-performance marine media world and a valued member of our team.

And while there are other excellent photographers in the high-performance powerboating world, Boden is simply the best. What he’s not, however, is independently wealthy and currently in a position to drop more than $10,000 right now on new gear.

So at the suggestion of his good friend, colleague and general partner in crime Jim “Bulldog” Winters, co-publisher Jason Johnson and I started a Go Fund Me account to help him replace it. To make a living, Boden needs his tools.

Let’s help get him back in the game.