Commentary: Miami Still Matters

By the time you’re done attending the Miami International Boat Show, which opens Thursday at Miami Marine Stadium on Virginia Key, for a couple of days, you’re really freaking done. Two days of diligence is all it takes to see the relevant new high-performance powerboats, engines and hardware at the docks and inside the tents.

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Despite ongoing challenges, the Miami International Boat Show remains the most important event of its kind. Photo courtesy/copyright Pete Boden/Shoot 2 Thrill Pix.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come for a third day, especially if you want to take your time meandering through the exhibits. But you easily can get it done in two days.

Plus, three days of the Miami Boat Show means getting to and from the event and its mostly inedible and overpriced food a third time. Much as the show organizers won’t appreciate me writing this, accessing the venue remains a royal pain in the neck.

But while plenty of readers disagree with me, I still believe the Miami International Boat Show is worth your time.

Commentary—Miami Still Matters

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