Donzi Outpacing Fountain on Sportboat Side, Fountain Stronger in Center Consoles


Fountain’s 38′ center-console is currently the company’s biggest seller.

While both the Donzi and Fountain brands offer sportboats and center consoles—and both Washington, N.C.-based brands are owned by Liberty Associates—current buyer preferences for each brand are markedly different. According to John Walker, who heads both companies, Donzi is selling and producing more sportboats so far this year, Fountain is selling and producing more center consoles.

“I honestly don’t know why that is,” said Walker. “But we have a lot more Donzi sporboats going through production, and on the Fountain side we have a lot more center consoles.”

While the Donzi sportboats being built reportedly range across the product line from 28 to 43 feet, the biggest-selling Fountain center console is the company’s 38-footer.

“Including our government contracts, we expect to build 100 of those this year,” said Walker. “The good news about sporboats on the Fountain side is we’ve seen more interest now than we have in the past three years.”