High-Performance Boat Propellers: The Art of Trade-Offs


What do all high-performance powerboat owners have in common? They’re always looking for more. More top speed. Better mid-range acceleration. Faster time to plane, also called hole shot. More.

There are all kinds of ways to get “more” in the go-fast boat world—from engine replacement and upgrading to entire hull and outdrive blueprinting—and they, too, have one thing in common. They’re expensive, not as expensive as buying a new boat, but expensive nonetheless.

As it happens, the most effective way to immediately up the performance of your go-fast V-bottom or catamaran is also the most cost-effective way, and that means replacing your propeller, or propellers in twin-engine applications. But there’s a catch: There is no single propeller choice that is “the best” for top speed, midrange acceleration, and hole shot.

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(Above photo courtesy of Hering Propellers)