Ilmor to Display Touchscreen Merlin Dash System at Miami Show

The latest incarnation of Ilmor Marine’s digital engine-monitoring system dubbed Merlin will be on display in the Ilmor exhibit during the 2014 Miami International Boat Show next month. Introduced at last year’s Miami event, the Merlin system boasts a user-customizable touchscreen interface on its seven-inch monitor, which can be installed either on the dash or in any remote location chosen in the boat. The system is compatible with all Generation IV V-8 and V-10 offerings in the Plymouth, Mich., engine builder’s current lineup.

Boat owners with Ilmor's Merlin dash system can customize their readouts to gauge and/or text and numeric views.Boat owners with Ilmor’s Merlin dash system can customize their readouts to gauge and/or text and numeric views.

“When we first launched Merlin last year, it did not have a touchscreen,” explained Jessica Gamarra, the director of marketing for Ilmor Marine. “Everything (in performance-boat instrumentation) is going more toward digital now, and our goal was to provide our own equivalent—if not improved—version of what’s currently available.”

With the Merlin system, users can customize their views of engine operating functions to read out in either digital “gauge” or text/numeric formats. The system features built-in data logging and trip logging, which can help users plan for and optimize fuel consumption for future trips. The system also serves as an engine-operating history and diagnostic tool for dealers and service centers.

Now standard with a touchscreen interface, Ilmor's Merlin dash system (left in photo) was installed in the Formula 353 sportboat equipped with the company's first production pair of MV8 570 engines.

“The nice thing about Merlin is it is customizable for each user,” said Gamarra. “Some owners who prefer to look at traditional analog gauges on their dash are mounting the system in cabinets and even in engine compartments. But Merlin is designed to be a full integrated dash system that is very robust and attractive.”

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