Key West Worlds Update: Crew Changes Add Spark to Fountain—Outerlimits Rivalry

Idling in the harbor right now—likely with a Super International Superboat Vee World title cemented in the final race for the class in the 2013 SBI Key West Offshore World Championships—are Brian Forehand and Michael “Doc” Janssen in Snowy Mountain Brewery. Janssen’s racing day will be done he gets out of the 29-foot Outerlimits.

For todays Extreme-class race, Cangiano is out and Forehand is in for the SV43 Outerlimits team. Photo courtesy'copyright Jeff Gerardi/FreezeFamevideo.netFor today’s Extreme-class race, Cangiano is out and Forehand is in for the SV43 Outerlimits team. Photo courtesy/copyright Jeff Gerardi/Freeze Frame Video

Forehand, however, has another ride ahead of him later today in the Extreme-class Outerimits SV43. He is replacing throttleman Giancarlo Cangiano and joining forces with the boat’s owner, Joe Sgro.

Making matters even more intriguing is a change in the Instigator cockpit. For the Extreme-class final, the cockpit will be manned by Ben Robertson, Jr., and John Stanch. Peter Meyer, the owner of the 40-foot Fountain, is out.

As most offshore racing fans know, Robertson and Forehand have both been “Fountain men” at various stages of their racing careers. Today they square off against one another in two fast boats that from builders that, at one time, had one of the fiercest rivalries in offshore racing.

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