Key West Worlds Preview: Watch Superboat Stock


Did you know that under the Super Boat International rules a team is not eligible to compete in the annual Key West Offshore World Championships unless it has entered at least three races during the regular season? It’s right there in the SBI rulebook. Now, before you start scratching your head and poring over the races results from the regular season to find out which of your favorite teams are eligible this year, there’s a caveat that’s also right there in the rules: Teams are eligible “at the discretion of the SBIP [Super Boat International Productions] president.”

Ultimately, this discretionary clause is a good thing—at least in my view—for the racers, fans and offshore racing as a whole. The SBI Key West World Championships are, for all intents and purposes, a stand-alone event, and their three-race format levels the playing field. Not that any team in the Superboat Stock class has to worry about getting permission, because most of the teams entered the requisite three races during the regular season.

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