Let The Fun Begin In Michigan

Over the past few days I spoke with a couple of enthusiastic boaters from Michigan that I’ve gotten to know through interviews and crossing paths at events, and both Todd Fountain and Ed Tirakian were excited about the summer boating season.

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Ed Tirakian can’t wait to start using Tilt—his completely updated 40-foot Skater—on Lake St. Clair this summer. Photo by Ed Tirakian

Fountain, as you may or may not know, has been waiting for his flat-deck 28-foot Skater Powerboats catamaran powered by twin Mercury Racing 300R outboard engines to be finished, and last weekend he got his hands on the boat to start testing propellers. Needless to say, Fountain, who also owns the well-known 46-foot Skater Tom Cat that he recently had some updates done to it, can’t wait to get the boat dialed in and take it to a few events around the state—and beyond. Keep an eye out for a more detailed story with images in the near future.

Speaking of near future, Tirakian, who recently picked up Tilt after Boat Customs gave his 40-foot catamaran a complete overhaul (read the story), is eager to get the former Bacardi O Skater dialed in so he can run around Lake St. Clair all summer long. Tirakian texted me a few images of his fifth boat with the Tilt name and informed me that the 40-footer was currently at American Custom Marine in Kimball, Mich., getting some final rigging details handled.

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