New Jersey Offshore Race Organizers Seeking First-Timers

In an effort to attract first-time offshore racers, as well as competitors who may have been out of the sport for some time, the Offshore Powerboat Association and the New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Association are offering a “one-time” $300 registration fee to rookies for entry into their upcoming Seaside Heights Barnegat Bay Veterans Grand Prix May 29-31. The one-time-only fee covers entry for a driver and throttleman in the event.


For just $300, novice offshore racers who meet the requirements can mix it up with seasoned competitors in open-cockpit and canopied boats in the OPA/NJOPA Seaside Heights, N.J., event this summer. Photo courtesy/copyright Tim Sharkey/Sharkey Images

Participants with open-cockpit or quarter-canopy V-bottoms or catamaran must pass a swim test in a pool while wearing safety gear. Participants with canopied boats must pass a dunker training test, as well as well as the swim test, and those boats must be equipped with full-time air systems. Because or safety guidelines and insurance requirements, no exceptions can be made.

Racers who sign up under the one-time-fee offer can earn trophies and OPA season points, but are not eligible for cash prizes or American Power Boat Association points. (To earn APBA points, racers must be full APBA Racing Members.)

Interested persons should contact New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Association representative Mark Henderson via email or mobile phone, 732-685-0362, for additional information.