New Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run Coming in May

Being that the Florida Powerboat Club‘s most successful event is the Key West Poker Run each November, it makes perfect sense that Stu Jones, president of the club, would put a spring poker run to the popular island destination back on the club’s calendar for 2014. Yet rather than limit the run to boats like he’s done in the past, Jones is inviting cars, bikes, planes and more to the inaugural Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run (May 15-18).

John Woodruff, who enjoys flying his helicopter as much as driving his 48-foot MTI, might do an event like the Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run in May. Photo by Jay Nichols/Naples ImageJohn Woodruff, who loves flying his helicopter as much as driving his 48-foot MTI, might enjoy doing an event like the Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run in May. Photo by Jay Nichols/Naples Image

It’s been several years since the Florida Powerboat Club did a spring run the southernmost point in the country and Jones believes the timing is right to bring it back, especially with the accommodating aircraft and boating facilities in both Fort Lauderdale, where the run will start, and Key West. He said the club has tried a few land-sea-air events in the past, but that each one has been at the wrong place or the wrong time. He’s hoping mid-May in Key West is the answer.

“We have dozens of members now who own aircraft, guys who fly commercially and privately,” said Jones. “Obviously the exotic cars and custom bikes go without saying—we know our members are motoring enthusiasts by what many of them bring to our events. So why not give them an opportunity to do a poker run to Key West on land or in the air?”

Jones believes the Key West Land-Sea-Air Poker Run could take a few years to totally mature, but he realizes it has an opportunity to be unique right off the bat.

“This could become one of South Florida’s premier motorsports events,” he said. “The Conch Republic Seafood Company is giving us all of the facilities and the whole parking lot just like we have in November. I can’t wait. I’m envisioning a real exciting shot following a pack of motorcycles that pans to the cars behind, the boats in the water and the planes in the air. That’s my goal—I want that money shot.”

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